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About Filtreco

About Filtreco.

We know how much you love your fish, and that is why we are the specialists that you can rely on. With years of experience. Because Filtreco is not a newcomer in this industry. We have already filtered out all the growing pains long ago. There’s nothing we have not seen. Every technique and every pond, from Amsterdam to Berlin, from the USA to Japan. Filtreco is originally one of the first manufacturers in the Netherlands, the cradle of koi culture in Europe. Today, we are one of the world’s market leaders.

For clean water, you must choose the right filtration system for your own specific situation. That is why Filtreco offers the widest selection of koi pond filters through renowned dealers and specialised installation service providers. All with an unparalleled level of service, the lowest risk of malfunction and easy installation.

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Filtreco filtersystemen voor koi-vijvers


Your goal is to keep your water clean, clear and healthy for your fish. Without the hassle. You have got no time for experimenting or taking chances. You need proven systems that have been working well for years. The key to keeping our systems hassle-free lies in our extensive technical expertise. Thanks to that expertise, Filtreco is able to make the best decisions during the design process.

Filtreco filtersystemen voor koi-vijvers

Seeing is believing.

Do you want to see for yourself before making your decision? We understand. You are always welcome to visit our showroom. And to view our products on display at specialised Filtreco dealers. We also regularly display our products during expositions. Because even though we can tell you all about each type of filter we supply, there’s no substitute for seeing our products in action.

Latest news and events.

HKS (Holland Koi Show)
Filtreco - leaflet
New: our leaflet with everything about our filter systems
As a professional installer, the thing that strikes me most is how extremely easy it is to install Filtreco systems. That says a lot about their true technical ingenuity.