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About Filtreco.

Filtreco is the leading specialist in filter systems for fish and swimming ponds. Our number-one speciality is koi ponds. After working in the filtration industry for years and carefully studying existing filters, we finally came to the realisation: we can do this better! You can count on us for the ideal filtration system, no matter which type or size of pond you have. Filtreco always offers the widest selection. From our homebase in Sittard, the Netherlands, Filtreco delivers to customers all over the world, especially throughout Europe. Our motto is: We will continue to develop and listen to our customers, so that our filters will always be the best.

Contact our team.

Rens van Dijk
Commercial Assistant
Monique Fischer-Verhoeckx
Bram Hurkmans
Erwin Driessen
Managing Director

For clean water, you must choose the right filtration system for your own specific situation. That is why Filtreco offers the widest selection of koi pond filters through renowned dealers and specialised installation service providers. All with an unparalleled level of service, the lowest risk of malfunction and easy installation.