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BKS (Belgian Koi show)

By: Filtreco team

Date TBC – in Mergelbeke, Belgium

Filtreco is proud to display its wide range of products at this fantastic event. Come join us and see our products for yourself.

Belgian Koi Show

The ZNA Belgian Koi Show is a paradise for lovers of koi, ponds and gardening. Here you will find everything you need to create your dream garden and pond. You will also have a chance to admire the most beautiful koi in Belgium and all of Europe, who are here to compete for the championship title. Throw in a splash of Japanese culture and the Belgian Koi Show is an unforgettable experience for the entire family.

Belgian Koi Society

The Belgian Koi Society is the only Zen Nippon Airinkai (ZNA) koi association in Belgium. The association’s goal is to unite koi enthusiasts from around Belgium and neighbouring countries to share in their passion for their hobby. Koi enthusiasts share a fascination for these colourful fish and for creating perfectly functioning ponds that offer the best possible environment for their beloved fish.

More about the Belgian Koi Show.

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