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HKS (Holland Koi Show)

By: Filtreco team

Date TBC – in Arcen (NL)

Filtreco is a regular guest at this dynamic event. Come join us and see our products for yourself.

Holland Koi Show

Each year in the third weekend of August, the castle gardens of Arcen transform into the fairgrounds of the Holland Koi Show. Visitors from around the Netherlands and beyond come to admire these magnificent fish, which have been called the jewels of the animal kingdom.

The event has grown to become one of the world’s largest koi shows. In recent years, more than 20,000 visitors have passed through the castle gates during the three-day event. The Holland Koi Show is beloved by visitors from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the UK and many other countries. The spectacular showfish, some reaching close to one metre in length, dazzle the crowds with their fascinating colours. The winning fish are selected by an international jury.

Optimal water quality for koi

It is no wonder that koi have become so popular in the Netherlands. These creatures have stolen many hearts with their majestic beauty and their gentle nature. Yet keeping koi requires the right equipment. The secret lies in achieving optimal water quality. And that takes patience, close attention and careful management. Water management, in other words. For centuries, the Dutch people have had a special bond with water. It is part of who they are. Beautifully kept garden ponds can be found throughout the Netherlands, but the pinnacle of pond culture is the koi pond. The Dutch Nishikigoi Association is the organiser of the Holland Koi Show and offers courses on koi-keeping techniques.

Visitors to the show gain valuable information along with a first-hand look at high-quality koi keeping. The castle gardens of Arcen serve as a beautiful backdrop for the event and are well worth a visit themselves for any gardening enthusiast. They are the perfect place to take a break from all the action, take a relaxing stroll and gaze into the enchanting ponds where you will find… you guessed it… koi!

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