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Sieve filters

Sieve filters are mechanical filters that serve as the first step in the filtration process: filtering out coarse-waste particles. These coarse-particle filters remove leaves, fish waste and food residue from the pond water. This minimises the impact of coarse waste on the biological filter medium. The coarse waste is filtered out by a stainless-steel screen with openings that are 200 to 300 microns in size.

Trickle filters

Trickle filters are biological filters that serve as the second or third step of the filtration process. These filters can be installed as pre- and post-filters or used as an extra addition to another filtration process. Trickle filters break down harmful waste products into harmless compounds. Filtreco trickle filters work as drip units, which means that they add plenty of oxygen to the water.

Multiple chamber filters

Multiple chamber filters are complete filter installations that can be either gravitational or pump-fed by design. With chamber filters, the pond water first passes through a brush chamber which serves to filter out coarse waste. After that, the water flows into the next chambers, which are filled with mats or bio wheels that provide biological treatment.

Chamber filter gravity sieves

Chamber filter gravity sieves are filtration systems that are installed gravitationally. What makes these filters unique is that they are complete filtration systems with a built-in sieve that serves as a coarse-waste filter. Afterwards, the water flows into the next chambers where biological filtering takes place using mats and bio wheels.

Moving bed filters

Moving bed filters are complete filter installations which are pump-fed. The pond water passes first through the sieve, which filters out all coarse waste. From the sieve, the water falls into the chamber below, which is filled with bio wheels. After that, the water flows to the next chamber(s) for biological purification. This process results in excellent water quality.

Drum filters

Drum filters serve as the first step in the filtration process. Using a drum that is fitted with stainless steel mesh, they filter coarse waste out of the water and automatically flush the waste into the sewage system. The openings in the mesh are only 70 microns wide, which means that practically all waste is removed from the water, so that the biological filter behind the drum can function optimally.

Combi drum filters

Combi drum filters can be installed either gravitationally or pump-fed. They combine the optimal coarse-waste filtration of a drum filter with a moving bed filter that serves as the biological filter. This makes them the most advanced and low-maintenance filtration systems available. This purification method automatically flushes waste into the sewage system or into a drainage system.

Special filters

Filtreco has also developed various other filters for specific applications. For example, for plant lovers, we offer a complete biological plant filter. We also offer a protein skimmer to use in case of excessive protein in your pond. Filtreco also offers a sieve pit that is specially developed for swimming ponds. We are always happy to develop a custom-made filtration filter specifically for your pond.

For clean water, you must choose the right filtration system for your own specific situation. That is why Filtreco offers the widest selection of koi pond filters through renowned dealers and specialised installation service providers. All with an unparalleled level of service, the lowest risk of malfunction and easy installation.

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